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Privacy Policy

Song-Po Trading Privacy Policy

Updated and Effective Date: October 11,2023

Song-Po Trading (referred to as"we," "us," or "our"), the operator of FELLOW andORIGAMI, respects your privacy concerns and values our relationship with you.

When you visit a store created andauthorized by our SaaS service provider, SHOPLINE (referred to as"SHOPLINE"), we may collect, process, and utilize personalinformation about you, including your employees, representatives, or thoseacting on your behalf. If you visit or make purchases in the store, we may alsocollect, process, and utilize your personal information. We fully recognize theimportance of personal data to you, and we are committed to ensuring theintegrity and security of the store. This Privacy Policy describes the types ofpersonal data we collect about you, how we use this information, with whom weshare it, and the choices available to you regarding our use of thisinformation.

This Privacy Policy will explain yourunderstanding of the following:

  • What we collect
  • Information you provide
  • How we use personal data
  • How we process, share, transfer, and disclose personal data
  • Your rights and choices
  • How we protect personal data
  • How to update this Privacy Policy
  • How to contact us

What We Collect

We may obtain various types of personaldata from various sources. When you access our store through our socialmedia/social network pages (or their corresponding stores or applications, suchas Facebook and Instagram), or when you visit our store, we may collect thisinformation. Our products are available in many department stores or othertypes of physical outlets, and if you become a member of our store, recordsrelated to your purchases in physical stores may also be collected by us. Whenyou visit our store, our social media/social network pages (or theircorresponding stores or applications), we may also collect certain informationabout your device or usage through automated means or using technologies suchas cookies, server logs, and web beacons.

Information You Provide

You can choose to provide personal data tous in various ways, such as when you register on our store, make purchases inour store, or through our social media (or their corresponding stores orextensions). The types of personal data you may provide to us (if applicable)include:

  • Identifiers: (1) Personal identifiers (such as your name, address, phone number, email, etc.); (2) Financial identifiers (such as credit card or financial institution account information, etc.); (3) Identifiers from government data (such as ID numbers, passport numbers, tax ID, etc.).
  • Personal characteristics: Personal descriptions (such as gender, date of birth, size, etc.).
  • Socioeconomic information: (1) Residence and facilities (such as residential addresses, etc.); (2) Property (such as all property or property rights, etc.); (3) Immigration status (such as passports, work permits, residency proof, etc.); (4) Lifestyle (such as types of consumer goods used and service details, etc.); (5) Membership in charitable organizations or other groups (such as records of participation in nonprofit organizations, clubs, or other volunteer groups, etc.).
  • Contact information (such as name, postal address, email address, mobile or other phone numbers, and mobile service provider).
  • Age and date of birth.
  • Gender, preferred language.
  • Race, gender, preferred language.
  • Usernames and passwords.
  • Payment information (such as your payment card number, expiration date, delivery address, and billing address).
  • Purchase history records.
  • Product preferences and communication channel preferences.
  • Content you provide (such as photos, videos, reviews, articles, survey responses, and comments).
  • Information provided to us when you visit our social media pages (such as your name, profile picture, likes, location, friends list, and other information described on social media networks or app registration pages, or detailed location information when using our mobile app).
  • Device identifiers, such as information about your device like MAC address, IP address, or other online identifiers.

You voluntarily provide us with yourpersonal information, but if you do not provide your personal information, youmay not be able to access certain services and promotions.

Why We Collect Your Personal Information

The store collects personal information forspecific purposes, including but not limited to providing you with products orservices, such as:

  1. Consumer and customer management and services.
  2. Consumer protection.
  3. Online shopping and other e-commerce services.
  4. Verifying your personal identity (to protect you from fraud and other criminal activities).
  5. Resolving various types of disputes (including but not limited to consumer disputes, intellectual property disputes, etc.).
  6. Enhancing secure transaction behaviors.
  7. Debt collection.
  8. Notifying you of business opportunities, products, services, and updates.
  9. Detecting and protecting you and the store from errors, fraud, or other criminal activities, and monitoring legal compliance risks.
  10. Investigating potential illegal activities related to personal safety, property safety, and defaults.
  11. Fulfilling terms and conditions and return/exchange policies.
  12. Acts required by laws and regulations.
  13. Other purposes for which you provided your consent at the time of collection.

How We Use Personal Data

We may use the information you provide forthe following purposes:

  • Sending you promotional content or other communications.
  • Providing you with requested information and services.
  • Contacting you for order follow-up or confirmation, as well as sending other non-marketing communications related to products and services we provide to you.
  • Processing your payments and/or transactions.
  • Creating and managing your account, including accessing your purchase history records.
  • Responding to your inquiries.
  • Customizing advertisements in our store, social media stores, and other locations to match your interests and history.
  • Communicating with you and managing special events, contests, sweepstakes, activities (if any), surveys, and other promotions you participate in.
  • Operating and communicating with you on our social network or [mobile app].
  • Operating, evaluating, and improving our business (including developing new products and services, enhancing and improving our products and services, managing our communications, analyzing our products, conducting market research, data analysis, and customer relationship management plans, as well as performing accounting, auditing, and other internal functions).
  • Complying with applicable legal requirements, industry standards, and our policies.
  • To prevent duplication and ensure the accuracy of your information, please regularly perform data cleaning, linking, or merging of our records both internally and through our service providers.


  • Handling and Utilization: Some functions of the store may be provided by our third-party partners, and we may entrust partners (including technical service providers) to process some of your personal data. For example, when you use the automatic payment function, we may ask third-party payment companies to process your credit card information to collect service fees in accordance with your instructions; when using SHOPLINE for payments, we may require third-party service providers to process your personal data and that of your customers, which can facilitate "know your customer" and transaction monitoring and risk management. [Note: Add any other suppliers with whom you share this information. For example, sales channels, payment gateways, transport, and fulfillment apps.] We will sign confidentiality agreements with third-party service providers to manage the purpose, processing period, and responsibilities of data processing, and we will require partners to process data in accordance with our requirements and this Privacy Policy. If you disagree with the collection of personal data necessary to provide relevant services by partners, you or your customers may not be able to use the relevant services.
  • Sharing: We will not share personal data with any third parties unless one or more of the following conditions exist:
    • At your request or with your explicit authorization or consent.
    • In connection with the fulfillment of our legal obligations.
    • Directly related to national security and defense security.
    • Directly related to public safety, public health, and significant public interests.
    • Directly related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial, and execution.
    • For the protection of the significant legal rights of your life, property, and other persons, but it is difficult to obtain the person's consent.
    • The personal data in question has been disclosed to the public by you.
    • The personal data in question is collected from information that is legally and publicly disclosed.
    • Sharing with SHOPLINE and its affiliates: In order to provide SHOPLINE products and services to you, present recommendations that you may be interested in, address account issues, and protect the personal and property safety of our affiliates or other users or the public, you acknowledge and agree that we may share your personal data and that of your customers with our affiliates. We will only share personal data to the extent necessary and subject to the purposes stipulated in this Privacy Policy. If we share sensitive personal data or if our affiliates use and process personal data for different purposes, we will seek your authorization and consent again.
    • Sharing with our third-party partners: We will only share personal data for legitimate, reasonable, necessary, specific, and explicit purposes and only share the personal data necessary to provide services to you or your customers. We will not share personal data that can identify you unless otherwise required by law or regulations. Generally, these third-party partners are data controllers themselves, and they will process personal data within their accounts after obtaining your consent. Such partners may have their own separate privacy policies and user agreements. Additionally, when using the store, we may use third-party functions or services (including Apps Store, payment gateways, or logistics service provider apps). Please note that these rules and procedures described in this Privacy Policy do not apply to these third-party functions and services. Any information you provide to third-party stores or services will be directly provided to the network operators of these services. Even if you access them through the store, you must comply with their applicable privacy policies and user agreements. We are not responsible for the content of any third-party stores or the third-party policies regarding personal data and security measures. Before providing any personal data to third parties, you should read and understand the privacy policies and user agreements of third parties.
  • Transfer: In principle, we will not transfer control of personal data to any third party except in the following cases:
    • At the request of the data subject, or with your explicit authorization or consent.
    • In connection with the fulfillment of our legal obligations.
    • Directly related to national security and defense security.
    • Directly related to public safety, public health, and significant public interests.
    • Directly related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial, and execution.
    • For the protection of the significant legal rights of your life, property, and other persons, but it is difficult to obtain the person's consent.
    • The personal data in question has been disclosed to the public by you.
    • The personal data in question is collected from information that is legally and publicly disclosed.
    • In the event of a transfer in connection with changes in business entities following acquisitions, mergers, reorganizations, or bankruptcy operations.

Please note: If the information needs tobe transferred for the reasons mentioned above, we will inform you of thepurpose and type of information and the transferee (if sensitive information isinvolved, we will also notify you) and obtain your consent unless otherwiserequired by law or regulations. The transferee will continue to fulfillpersonal data-related obligations under this agreement. If we go bankrupt orcease operations and there is no transferee, we will delete or anonymize yourpersonal data.

(4) Public Disclosure In principle, we will not disclose your personal data to the publicor undefined groups, but we may disclose your personal data in accordance withour agreement with you or applicable laws and regulations.

Your Rights and Choices

For the personal data we collect from you,we provide you with certain choices, such as how we use this information andhow we communicate with you. To update your preferences, request removal fromour mailing list, or submit requests, please follow the instructions below tocontact us.

  • Email Opt-Out Declaration You can inform us not to send you marketing communications via email at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in marketing emails you receive from us or by following the instructions in the "How to Contact Us" section below.
  • SMS Opt-Out Declaration You can contact us to request that we do not send you text messages.
  • Social Media App Opt-Out Declaration To remove or delete our social media apps from your social media accounts, please follow the instructions within the social media platform.

For Facebook: Please refer to the instructions provided in the Facebook HelpCenter.

  • Location Information When you use our mobile application, you may be asked to provide your location through the mobile application. You can choose not to share your specific location information by adjusting the location services settings on your mobile device. To decline sharing your location details, please follow the instructions on your mobile device to make the necessary changes, or contact your service provider or device manufacturer.
  • Withdrawal of Consent You can withdraw any consent you have provided to us in the past, or oppose the processing of your personal data at any time for legitimate reasons. We will apply your preferences in the future. In certain cases, withdrawing your consent for us to use or disclose your personal data may mean that you cannot take advantage of certain products or services we offer.
  • View, Update, and Modify Personal Data We may retain and use your information when necessary to fulfill the purposes mentioned above. You have the right to request access to and receive detailed information about your personal data maintained by us, update and correct inaccuracies in your personal data, and block or delete that information as appropriate. In certain cases, the right to access personal data may be subject to local legal requirements. Before granting access or making corrections, we may take reasonable steps to verify your identity. You can do this by sending an email to hk_sales@song-po.com.

How We Protect Personal Data

We maintain appropriate administrative,technical, and physical protection measures designed to safeguard the personaldata you provide us against accidental, illegal, or unauthorized destruction,loss, alteration, access, disclosure, or use. However, no system is completelysecure or error-free, and we cannot guarantee that information about you willremain safe under all circumstances, including the security of your data duringtransmission to us or the security of your data on your mobile device.

For information on how SHOPLINE retains andprotects personal data, please refer to the SHOPLINE Privacy Policy (https://shopline.tw/about/privacy).

How We Update This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updatedperiodically without further notice to reflect changes in our personal datapractices. We will post prominent notices in our store to inform you of anymaterial changes to our privacy policy, and indicate the most recent updatedate at the top of the policy.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments aboutthis Privacy Policy, or if you wish to update information about you or yourpreferences, please contact us via email at hk_sales@song-po.com.

[Last Updated: 2023/10/11]